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Friends of the Heart Meditation and Healing Centre

Friends of the Heart Meditation and Healing Centre
2510 Yonge Street, Suite 324
Toronto, ON
M4P 2H7
Facebook: Friends of the Heart

Resident teacher: David Liang, layman
Non-resident teacher: Catherine Jetsun-Yeshe Rathbun, laywoman

Lineage: His Holiness XVI Karmapa, Kalu Rinpoche, Karma Thinley Rinpoche, Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche, John Coleman

Practices: Chanting sutras, chanting prayers, chanting mantras, commentary study, dance, discussion groups, meditation, music, painting, prostrations, retreats, short-term precepts, sutra study, vegetarian

Meditation: Altruism (tonglen, etc.), breaths (counting), breaths (noticing), calming (shamatha), chi kung, deity sadhana, dzogchen, insight (vipassana), just sitting (shikantaza), loving kindness (metta), mudra, tai chi, visualization, yoga postures, walking, zazen

Public activities: Meditation Classes for Beginners as well as classes for those interested in deepening their meditation experience and knowledge. Once a month, on-site one-day workshops/retreats. Occasional off-site weekend retreats. Occasional off-site 7-day retreats.

Other activites and initiatives: Learning ways to carry mindfulness, loving-kindness and compassion into our daily lives in order to help ourselves as well as others.

Language: English

Updated: December 29, 2011