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Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery

Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery
7000 Smith Lake Forest Srv Rd.
Knutsford, BC
V0E 2A0

Resident teacher: Ajahn Sona, Abbot, ordained monk


Lineage: Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery is a monastery and retreat centre associated with the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah.

Practices: Meditation retreats, day visits, Dana meal offerings

Meditation: Breath meditation( Anapanasati), loving kindness  (Metta), walking meditation

Public activities: Daily group sitting meditation periods. Occasional teatime Q+A periods and personal interviews with Ajahn Sona, the Abbot, Uposatha/Wan Phra days of observance (full moon and new moon), personal retreats, scheduled meditation retreats (beginners’ weekend retreat,10-day silent retreats, Jhana retreat).

Other activities and initiatives: High quality YouTube Dhamma talks (, podcasts (, books and other publications ( by Ajahn Sona.

Affiliated internationally with: Buddhist monasteries (Forest Sangha in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah.

Charitable number: 892635483RR0001 Registered 1997

Listing updated: May 8, 2020